It is quite a serious matter to live with recurring, raging infernos
in the depth of their stomachs. Some even live with therapeutic diets
that are completely bland much of the time, an ulcer is literally a pain
in the gut. But a bleeding Ulcer can become very serious and life-threatening
situation, because it can drain you enough blood to drastically lower blood pressure and
stop vital organs from functioning. If you have an Ulcer and constantly throw up blood
and feel nauseated, it’s about time to see also other symptoms to be wary about is when you pass a stool that is
black or one containing bright red blood. Being dizzy and passing out is indeed a serious concern.

Two types of Ulcer are known:

  1. Gastric Ulcer: on the lining of your stomach.
  2. Duodenal Ulcer: on the duodenum which is part of the small intestine nearest the stomach.

Causes of Ulcers are not known, but it is widely reported that stomach acids and certain bacteria, and stress are viewed as prime suspects.

Treatment and Remedies

  1. Avoid the food fire creators, whether is the pepperoni pizza, ice-cream, if it starts a fire in the
    stomach, don’t even touch it.
  2. Be mild on Milk intake
  3. Use the over-the-counter Antacids
  4. Use pain killers at the minimum.
  5. Avoid the light-up habit (smoking)
  6. Beef-not-up (Avoid stress at every point of life and don’t bottle up)
  7. Eat twice your meals, as it helps limit stomach acids.

8, Don’t pump iron. Iron is gastric irritant.

  1. Live life on the moderation side or level.
  2. Give it time: Ulcers have cycles, a lot of them will burn out after a few years.
  3. Reduce stress by exercising daily if possible.
  4. Practice relaxation techniques
  5. Breathe slowly and deeply
  6. Think pleasant thoughts and talk more yourself.
  7. Manage the stressful habits.


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