Arthritis: 22 Remedies To Ease the Ache.


If you are reading this, perhaps you have Arthritis or you know someone who does, what we are going to tell you is how to bring about pain relief without getting a prescription filled or making a trip to the doctor. There is a lot you can do on your own, at home, without a lot of expensive equipment or pain or risk. So let’s get started this works for all types of Arthritis

Lose weight, gain relief: There is no one magic food or diet that’s going to do away with arthritis pain. But if you are over weight and you lose weight, it will reduce a significant amount of the stress and pain you feel in your spinal column, knees, hips, ankles, and feet.

Reason: The more overweight you are, the more stress and pressure you place on your joints. This increases the stress on the cartilage, which interferes with the bone, thus increasing the incidence of inflammation, swelling, and pain. Solution: Work with your doctor or nutritionist to find a diet that works for you, and stick with it.

Stretch gently for strength and mobility: When it comes to arthritis, moving hurts, but no moving destroys. Incorrect moving harms, but intelligent moving heals.

Find relief through less stress: If you are hurting and you tense up, you hurt more. People who have things under control in their lives will be better pain managers

Try P.M prevention for AM stiffness: Almost 90% of patients suffer from some type of morning stiffness. It’s advisable to apply a muscle ointment at night before going to bed. It relaxes you and gives you a psychological boost as well. People with arthritis tend to feel much better all day if they aren’t stiff when they wake up in the morning.

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Float pain away: Studies have shown that floating in specially designed floatation tanks, also known as isolation or sensory deprivation tans, can pain relieve arthritis. The pain relief is produced by stress reduction. The body is relaxing, the muscles are relaxing, and this seems to stimulate a release of endorphins, the body is natural pain killers. Water in the tank is heated to precisely 93.5 degrees Fahrenheit, the same temperature as the skin and the surrounding air is warmed and tranquil, leading to deep relaxation.

Mix oil in water: For rheumatoid Arthritis, heat eucalyptus ointment in the form of a thick, oil-based product called Eucalypta-Mint, work for both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. This work s in conjunction with moist heat when feeling stiff or having pain. Simply rub it on and wrap the joint in plastic wrap. The moist heat can be applied with warm towels, or you can soak your hands or feet in warm water.

Work wonders with watercise: Most doctors agree about the wonders and efficiency of water exercise on Arthritis. Water exercises are excellent. Your pain will be significantly reduced in the water, and you become much more flexible in water than you are in air.

Get your spouse involved: Don’t get supportive or attentive only when your spouse is in pain, but also when he or she is feeling good and being active.

Use ice to prevent pain: Ice in a plastic bag of frozen peas will do great wonder. Apply for 15 – 20 minutes, then remove for 10 to 15 minutes. That can be repeated for hours at a time.

Use heat to reduce pain: When joints become hot, swollen and tender, heat is the best solution. Cold would make them very painful.

Don’t baby your joints: Exercises that don’t traumatize the joints are here recommended, e.g. walking, bicycling, or swimming. It does not stop with these; you may also include exercises that will elevate the pulse rate to at least 120 beats per minute and give you a beneficial effect on the heart and lungs.

Get off addictive drugs: Sleeping pills, tranquilizers, and narcotic painkillers can become part of life for a person with arthritis – unfortunately. Its not not that these drugs don’t work, they do – but for most people they are needed in ever increasing amounts and end up creating many more problems than they solve.

Master Massage: When it comes to massage for arthritis pain, work the muscles that are attached to the tendons leading to your painful joint. E.g. if you have arthritis in your hands, then work the forearms from the wrists to elbows, using a compression technique. Use either the heel of your hand, your thumb, or your elbow to press down on the muscle and hold it for several seconds, then release. For arthritis in the ankle or foot, work the calf and front of the leg.

Boost your Vitamin C intake: Studies show that people with rheumatoid arthritis are deficient in vitamin C. Lack of vitamin C can aggravate rheumatoid arthritis and that strong doses of vitamin C can brinf about regression of the disease. The good part is that the toxicity of vitamin C is virtually zero, and if a person took about 500 milligram spread throughout the day, which is not excessive, that would get enough of the vitamin through to do some good. Consult your Doctor for medical advice.

Practice food avoidance: Foods like potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, tobacco, and all peppers except black pepper. Look at foods you crave for by avoiding them, and watch out for results that tallys with your expectant result.

Cut back on vegetable oil: There’s no question that vegetable oils are generally beneficial to most people. Studies show that people with arthritis may be a special case and may need to minimize their intake of vegetable oils while increasing their intake of oils rich in Omega 3’s. It means cutting back on oil-containing products like salads dressings, fried foods, and margarine. These foods contain high levels of Omega-6 fatty acids, which have been shown to cause inflammation in those with rheumatoid arthritis. Two oils that are low in Omega-6’s are canola oil made from rapeseed, and olive oil, which can be used in moderation, noting that it’s best to keep the overall level of fat in your diet at less than 30 percent of total calories. Carry on with carrot juice: A vegetable juice fast significantly reduces pain for many patients with rheumatoid arthritis suggests Dr. Mollen