7 Layer Sanitary Pad (Night Use)


Bad Odour, Blood Circulation, Enhance Immunity, Regulate Endocrine System.

Category – (Special Solutions)

Prescription – Night Use.

7Layer (Night Use) – Sanitary Napkin is a Woman or Lady’s sure protection all Night.

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What it is meant for

Bad Odour – is a perceived unpleasant smell our bodies can give off when bacteria that live on the skin break down sweat into acids – some say it is the smell of bacteria growing on the body, but it really is the result of bacteria breaking down protein into certain acids.


 Unusual or heavy vaginal discharge

 Abnormal Uterine bleeding

 Lower abdominal pain

 Bleeding between periods

 Back pain

 Painful sexual intercourse

 Painful and frequent urination.

Heat Effect, Inflammation of uterine tracts and Appendages of womb, Inflammation of endometrium.

SPECIFICATION: 10pcs per pack


It contains lavender and refreshing mint, it has breathable bottom layer and releases moisture quickly, it contains magnetic, negative ion and far infrared healthy high-tech chip, it has super soft cotton surface and ultra-thin layers to make you feel more comfortable, it absorbs liquid five times faster and keep you cool and dry for the whole day.


It enhances immunity

It reduces pressure

It dispels bad odours

It releases fatigues

It improves metabolism

It regulates endocrine system

It is anti-bacteria and antiseptic

It improves digestion


Cottony Non-woven Fabric, Magnetic and Negative Ion and Far Infrared Chip, Air-laid Paper, SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) Composite Paper, Breathable PE Film, Release Paper.


1.Stop using if feel any discomfort.

2.This product is not recommended for pregnant women.

STORAGE: Store in a cool dry place below 30℃.

Keep out of reach of children


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