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Comprehensive Information on Your Health Status, Prevention of Diseases.

Product Description

Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer

Quantum Analyzer displays adequate information on your health conditions so you can take steps to prevent various diseases.

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Comprehensive Information on Your Health Status – The quantum resonance magnetic analyzer can make wide range examination to your body.

Quick Access to Your Health Status – The quantum resonance magnetic analyzer machine can be used for fast, full body checkup. For instance, by holding the test rod in your palm for few minutes, your health status will be displayed.

Prevention of Diseases – The report provides information on deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals in your body system. You also get information on the state of organs such as kidneys. With the information you provide the missing nutrition in your body and stay healthy.

Rapid Result of Treatment – The medical test report can be used to monitor the progress of treatment and advice patients accordingly. When the cause of ailment is known treatment become faster, since you take product(s) based on your ailment.

Health Check Up Has No Side Effect – The health checks up with the quantum resonance magnetic analyzer does not have negative radiation effect, so it’s not harmful to the body system.

There are over 30 main analysis items including:

  • Basic Physical Quality Analysis
  • Blood Sugar Analysis
  • Bone Disease Analysis
  • Bone Mineral Density Analysis
  • Brain Nerve Analysis
  • Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Analysis
  • Gallbladder Function Analysis
  • Gastrointestinal Function Analysis
  • Gynaecology Analysis
  • Human Toxin Analysis
  • Kidney Function Analysis
  • Liver Function Analysis
  • Lung Function Analysis
  • Pancreatic Function Analysis
  • Rheumatoid Bone Disease Analysis
  • Trace Elements Analysis (Ca+, Fe, Se, Pb, Zn, Vitamin, etc.)
  • Male sexual function Analysis
  • Allergy Testing
  • Skin Analysis
  • Endocrine System Analysis
  • Immune System Analysis
  • Obesity and Nutrition

* The Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer does not treat diseases/ailments.


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