[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1555459978405{border-left-width: 100px !important;}”]REGISTER TO BE A PARTNER IN KEDI

 Pay a Once off Registration fee of 4,000 Naira into any of the account provided below.

*Only payments received will be duly processed.

  1. After payment, fill in your details for the registration. Upon submission, your registration form will be processed and sent to you. (Including your complete starter KIT and IDENTITY Number).

You are encouraged to get few of Kedi Products for a try – Use the products, recommend the product to others. Click here to buy the products.

Benefits of Becoming a Kedi Distributor

Why you should join Kedi Healthcare Nigeria today.

  • 20% Discount: You enjoy massive 20% Discount on all Kedi Healthcare Products.

*The Discount has already been applied on our website.

  • Training: Unlimited access to Successful Tips on KEDI Multi-Level Marketing and Free business training from our qualified Team Builders.
  • Profit: As a Kedi Distributor you are entitled to Profit when you sell the products to an un-registered Member at a retail price.
  • Bonus: You enjoy direct, indirect, leadership, honourary bonuses at month end.
  • Car Award: an opportunity to own your dream car.
  • Villa Award: an opportunity to own a house of your own.
  • Travel Award: an opportunity to travel abroad.
  • Scholarship: Based on top distributor’s sales performance, Kedi Healthcare Nigeria Ltd will award their children scholarship, to cover their educational expenses in China every year.
  • Life Insurance Policy: The company and the distributor will make a joint contribution to build the insurance fund in the first five years Benefit of the insurance fund for distributors will commence from the 6th year.

* Life Insurance Benefit is Only for Star 8 Distributors and above. Terms and Conditions Apply.


Registration Form

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Fill in valid information in the respective spaces above All fields are required.

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