Kedi Vitagent


PRODUCT SPECIFICATION IS SUITABLE FOR: Working Class Men – with busy social life, travels a lot, work overtime, drinks & smokes a lot Aged Parents – battling with insomnia, bone issues, weak & dry eyes, loss of hair Men with Poor Eating Habits – eating excess oily food, have a poor appetite, having bleeding gums, suffering from vitamins deficiency Men Battling with Different Ill-Health – Men with Emotional Issues – such work, business & family pressures, get tired easily

Vitagent Dietary Supplement is an all-in-one multivitamin for men It contains 18 essential vitamins and minerals needed to take care of men’s overall health. It is a premium quality formulated and specially configured for men and it contains different Vitamin B and the SAW PALMETTO EXTRACT and both are vital to men’s well-being.

Vitagent dietary supplement is a premium blend of vitamins and minerals It is planned to support immunity, energy, and muscle function, boost or improve metabolism and performance and lessen stress and fatigue, it has the function of an antioxidant.

Vitanature- Vitagent Dietary Supplement is premium quality guaranteed. All of its raw materials are sourced globally with premium quality. From the collection of the raw materials to extraction to tablet compression and packaging, each process is well managed and administered and follows the international quality standard to ensure the strength and effectiveness of each ingredient and the quality of the product.

Each tablet is scientifically compressed to maximally maintain the bio-availability of the product’s components. Formulated scientifically with advanced refining technology, this means all nutrition is extracted from natural food, it doesn’t contain other chemicals, has no harm to the body even for long term intake, its slow-release formulation helps to improve absorption, slow-release formulation means controlling the release speed of the components so to make them release slowly within 24 hours for better absorption. It is a high potency multivitamin formula, specially configured to meet men’s nutritional needs and coated for easy ingestion.