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NAFDAC REG. NO A7-0444L FDB/FS 123-8099

SPECIFICATION:30 or 90 capsules per bottle.

Nephritis, Hypertension, Poor Immune System, HIV Support, Malignant Cancer, Fibroid.

Reishi is Premier Tonic for Self-Defence System and Anti-Virus. Reishi is also Available in Small Bottle

What it is meant for

Nephritis (Inflammation of Kidney),

Carcinoma, Hypertension and Hypotension, Poor Immune System, HIV Support, Malignant Cancer.

Allergy – An abnormally high acquired sensitivity to certain substances, such as drugs, pollens, or microorganisms, that may include such symptoms as sneezing, itching, and skin rashes.

Fibroid – A fibroma or myoma occurring especially one that occurs in the uterine wall.

Anti-toxin (Detoxifier) – To counteract or destroy the toxic properties of a substance or to make a poisonous substance harmless or to overcome the effects of a poison.


Anti-infection, immune system booster


It reduces

Chemotherapy and HIV support

Stable blood pressure

Anti-HIV allergies

Treatment for female infertility allergies and inflammation

Effective for the prevention and release of bronchitis

It fights against fatigue and impotency

It reduces altitude sickness

It also inhibits platelets aggregation to prevent arteriosclerosis


Cordyceps Militaris 100mg
Ganoderma Lucidum Sinensis 100mg
Royal-Jelly Freezing-dry Powder 50mg

SUGGESTED USE: Take three capsules two times daily.

WARNING: This product should not be used in individuals allergic to it. Patients with hypersensitivity should use with caution.


Sealed. Store in a cool dry place below 30℃.

Keep out of reach of children


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