Gray hairs and wrinkles come with aging. Gray hairs can be touched up with a little dye. However, wrinkles can be a different kettle of fish. Experts say there are a number of strategies to keep you from looking old before your time.

  1. Keep in the shade or avoid the sun. Too much sun shrivels up the skin especially with the depletion of the ozone layer.
  2. Avoid sun tanning spas/booths. They produce the very same wrinkling rays of the sun.
  3. Avoid scrunching i.e. squinting, puckering your lips will eventually create wrinkles or make those already there appear worse.
  4. Avoid wrinkles with a face test.
  5. Avoid the mid-day sun. 95% of the sun’s wrinkling rays hit the earth between the hours of 1oam and 2 pm.
  6. Balancing fun in the sun with wrinkles control.
  7. Use sunscreens at least half an hour before going out and re-applied after swimming.
  8. Beware of reflective surfaces.
  9. Be mindful of your local area. Beware that the sun’s skin-shriveling rays come strongest at high altitudes where the air is thinner and the southern latitudes closer to the equator.
  10. Get enough vitamin D from multi-vitamins or think if you decide to stay out of the sun.
  11. Get into the use of hats and sunshades to avoid squinting when the sun rays hit your face and skin.
  12. Keep pillows away from your face when sleeping, Watch for sleeping wrinkles. Wrinkles form when you press your face hard on the pillow at night.
  13. Avoid over-eating, so as not to gain weight which can stretch the skin. Also losing weight if you are older can make your skin which is less elastic to become wrinkled because the skin will not completely retract to its original size.
  14. Exercise! Exercise!! Exercise!!!. People who are generally in good shape seem to have healthier and more elastic skin than those who aren’t.
  15. Eat appropriately: Vitamins, minerals are important to maintaining healthy skin e.g. B complex, Vit. A and Vit. C.
  16. Don’t smoke, outside of being bad generally, smoking can result in premature wrinkling around
    your mouth due to all those years of puckering lips around cigarettes.. It also decreases blood supply to the
    small blood vessels under your skin, which could exacerbate wrinkling.
  17. Avoid the bottle (Alcohol). Alcohol brings on the wrinkles why? Because your face pulls up in the morning
    after you have had too much to drink. And that temporarily stretches the skin. This swelling and subsequently shrinking can create wrinkles much the same way that putting on a lot of weight and then going on a crash diet will.
  18. use moisturizers. If you have dry skin, the use of a moisturizing lotion can hide some of the smaller wrinkles that form on the surface.
  19. Avoid the miracle creams, especially the headline-grabbing advert of Retina-A.
  20. Over-washing the skin can lead to dryness, which can create temporary wrinkling. rather wash less and use only extra-mild soaps and rinse extremely well. people should spend more time rinsing and less time washing.
  21. Use humidifiers: It keeps the air in the house moist.
  22. If you care that much see a make-up artist in that the judicious use of good make up can do a very good
    job of hiding wrinkles.
  23. Use little powder. The key to hiding wrinkles is to use only cornstarch-based powder products.
  24. Live less on stress. happy people tend to carry smiles and a smile will divert other people’s attention away from any wrinkles.



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